Hexagon & Triangle

Geo Collection

Just because plants come in round plastic pots doesn't mean that your vase also has to be round! While we do have a round piece in this set, we also have a triangle, a hexagon, and a square. The different shapes give your overall arrangement a new dimension (literally), so find the one that fits your needs or put several side-by-side for variation.


We custom-designed these items to create a set which was not varied by color or pattern, as we often see in pots, but by shape. The fashion world loves shapes, but it is rare to see them embraced in a vase or flower accessory. By choosing a total of four shapes for our set, we were able to flesh out the design concept while catering to customers' different needs.


Angular shapes, such as the square, triangle, and hexagon, are becoming ever more popular in home décor, particularly when paired with the traditional round shape. Try putting a round and a square piece next to one another on your mantel for a unique, modern look, or try the triangle with the hexagon piece for an even more edgy look.

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