Sea Urchin & Sand Dollar

Coastal Collection

Constantly trying to match your vase to your home décor? Fret no longer: both the earth tones of the Sand Dollar and the neutral tones of the Sea Urchin complement any home décor, as well as any plant. Fitted perfectly for a 4" plastic pot, you can easily switch plants in and out of these containers without any messy re-planting.


The first step in making these shells is a study of the original, real shells. Artists in China analyze real shells' shapes and details, draw out plans for the finished ceramic pieces, and then painstakingly hand-carve molds which are used to shape the ceramic shells. Each mold takes approximately 2 days to make and is good for only 200 uses before it is replaced by a fresh mold.


The size of this container (just 6" across) makes it the perfect accent item for a bedroom dresser or a living-room side table. Make sure to put it where sunlight can hit it (though not direct sunlight if you have an orchid!), as that will bring out all the brilliant colors contained in the glaze.

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