Burana White


This variety's name, which comes from the Greek "dendron" (tree) and "bios" (life), is quite fitting given the thick stalks and long flower stems with a typical length of more than 30cm. Covered with beautiful purple, white, or even maroon flowers, it is easy to see why species of dendrobiums are in such high demand by orchid lovers. This genus occurs in diverse habitats throughout much of the South, East, and Southeast Asia, and is epiphytic, meaning it typically grows on trees. To learn more about how we are able to grow them in pots, head to "our process".


Dendrobium was the first orchid variety we started with back in 1987, primarily because it was the first variety we were able to find consistent suppliers of baby plants for. 30% of orchids in our greenhouses today are dendrobiums; the remaining 70% is broken down to 60% phalaenopsis and 10% other varieties. For a detailed and exciting look at how we go from baby plant to final product, head to the "who we are" section and view "our process".


Dendrobiums are wonderfully versatile. With smaller blossoms than the phalaenopsis, one might think they demand less attention, yet their height, vibrant colors, and thick stems give them unmistakable presence. As with the phalaenopsis, Southern exposure is best, but any exposure will work as long as the dendrobium gets sufficient, but not direct, sunlight.

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