White with pink center


This variety is known for its large, showy flowers, ranging from 5cm to 15cm in size and coming in every color except true blue and black. Each flower consists of three narrow petals; two wider, fringed petals; and one larger lipped petal with a fringe and additional colorings. Each plant has between 1 and 10 flowers, but because the flowers are so large, even just one flower is quite impressive.


Because we do not currently have greenhouses dedicated to the growing conditions needed by cattleyas, we bring in our supply from carefully chosen growers in Hawaii. Our Director of Product Availability visits our suppliers regularly to ensure we are getting the best quality available and our Quality Control Specialists inspect each and every shipment we receive to make sure it's Kerry's-quality.


Often, cattleyas' flowers have a sweet scent, which can be enjoyed by your bedside or anywhere you spend a lot of time in your house. Like other orchids, it does not like direct sunlight, but it does like bright light-great for an East or West facing window.

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