Ruby Sun


Native to regions stretching from Mexico well into South America, this bromeliad genus contains more than 180 species. The majority of the species is epiphytes, or air-plants, and can be found growing in trees in these tropical and sub-tropical climates. They are known in particular for their outstanding foliage, ribbed leaf edges, and inflorescences. The best known species, the fasciata, is one of the most striking bromeliads in our whole collection - a beautiful pink blossom emerging from a rosette of wide leaves with a silvery sheen.


Owner Kerry Herndon started with bromeliads over thirty years ago. In order for them to succeed at mass market, he picked species, like this one, which were hardy but captivatingly beautiful. For a detailed and exciting look at how we go from baby plant to final product, head to the "who we are" section and view "our process".


Despite its soft colors, this impressive plant demands attention, so put it in a place to be seen. While large, this plant's gentle color pallet makes it a great bedroom or living room plant; it can also serve as the perfect outdoor plant for your next garden party.

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