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Ruffled petals in shades of yellow, red, white, and pink and an enormous flower lip distinguish this genus of orchid, which contains more than 330 species. Known as "spray orchids" to many, oncidiums...

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icon light care Bright, indirect light.
icon water care Water thoroughly but allow media to dry between waterings. Plants use more water while flowering.
icon temperature care Optimal temperature between 69-89F (20-32C).
icon fertilization care ½ strength balanced fertilizer every 30 days during spring and summer only.
icon future care When blooms fade, cut off the spike ½ inch above where it projects from the foliage. With continued care, the plant should grow and bloom annually.

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ask a green thumb

Orchids and bromeliads are some of the easiest plants to grow... but that doesn't mean you don't have questions! We're happy to lend a hand... or, in this case, a thumb.

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you're not alone

Wondering how to re-bloom your plant? Not sure about what type of fertilizer to use? Concerned your plant has taken a turn for the worst? Find your answers here.

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