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With their thin, glossy leaves and brightly colored centers in purple, red, orange, and yellow, these bromeliads are truly stunning. Within this genus, numerous species are regularly cultivated as in...

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icon light care Low light.
icon water care Keep soil moist.
icon temperature care Optimal temperature 49-89F (9-32C).
icon fertilization care Not necessary.
icon future care Bromeliads do not re-bloom but grow a small "pup" plant at their base. For instructions on growing the pup to blooming size, see Frequently Asked Questions.

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ask a green thumb

ask a green thumb

Orchids and bromeliads are some of the easiest plants to grow... but that doesn't mean you don't have questions! We're happy to lend a hand... or, in this case, a thumb.

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your not alone

you're not alone

Wondering how to re-bloom your plant? Not sure about what type of fertilizer to use? Concerned your plant has taken a turn for the worst? Find your answers here.

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